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Owl softies

Owl softies

Ever since I´ve seen little cute softies around the web here and there I´ve felt inspired to make my own! They dont require complicated sewing skills as you can see below.

I also love owls. I think they are not only beautiful but magic! The owls were totems for the native americans and many other animals of course. They believed each animal represented a symbolic trait that we aspire to achieve . They said owls were wise because they could see what others couldn´t, among other things that envolved mistery and magic.

Anyway, I like to think of the qualities the owl brings when I see these two friends I sewed with love. I really like them, specially the first one. I made it from a small piece of vintage fabric a friend gave me. The eyes and beak and the wing is embroidered.  Hope you like my little sewing project! ; )

Desde que he visto pequeños peluchitos tan monos en internet me he sentido inspirada a hacer los mios! No requieren habilidadesd e costura muy complicados como podéis ver abajo en las fotos.

Me encantan los búhos. Creo que no son sólo muy hermosos sino mágicos! Los búhos, así como muchos otros animales, eran totems para los nativos americanos. Creian que cada animal representaba rasgos simbólicos de cualidades que como humanos queríamos conseguir. Decían que los búhos eran sabios porque podían ver lo que otros no podían, entre otras cosas que incluían la magia y el misterio.

De todas formas, me gusta pensar en las cualidades que el búho representa cuando veo a éstos dos que cosí con tanto cariño. Me gusta en especial el primero. Lo hice de un pequeño trozo de tela de los 60 que una amiga me regaló.  Sus ojos, su pico y su ala están bordados. Espero que os guste este pequeño proyecto de costura : )

owl 01



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  1. Sonia

    ¡que bonitos! no me canso de pasar, siempre me sorprendes, ¡ah! y también me encanta los buhos¡¡¡

  2. Aleena

    Oh My , these are the cutest thing ever Ishtar ….I absolutely love it ! I would love a tutorial on these please : )

  3. scented sweetpeas

    Very very cute! muy guapo (learnt that word when in Spain with the children – they are always cooed over and called ‘guapo’ – what a fab word 🙂 ).

  4. admin

    Hi ALEENA!
    Haha, I´ll think about it!! ; )

    Scented sweetpeas: hihi, it´s a word my kids also use a lot! so funnty to know your kids like it!

  5. Make, Do & Send

    Another fantastic tutorial! I love that you are touching on ideas and techniques that many tutorials online dont go into which really sets your series apart from others out there. Im learning so much and its really making me think more creativly. Thank you x

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  7. Ann

    Love these – the faces are just perfect….. and look so easy to do! But may not be when I try!!

  8. anastasia

    those are sooo cute! i love ur blog..cant stop reading it and seeing all those lovely pictures!! keep up the good work!love from munich

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