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A little help ♥

A little help ♥


For my readers from the USA:

I´m hoping you can help me!

You see, for a very  long time I´ve been strugling to get the speedball carving tool kit but its hopeless! I cant find in the Uk  or the shipping form the USA is just insane!

So if you now of a store where you can find it,I was thinking that perhaps one of you could mail it to me : ) (I would pay for the tool plus the shipping of course :))

The reason I want this is because the blades are much more smaller than the ones I use.With them I could carve more detailed stamps: )

And as I way to thank you, I´ll send you a special surprise package with some handmade presies ( stickers, tags,postcards..)! If you´d like to help me ( please say yes) you can email me to: ishtarolivera(at)yahoo.es

Oh I would be SO grateful!! ♥♥♥

UPDATE: Annemarie is sending it to me! yay!!!♥♥♥♥♥ 🙂  : ) : ) : )


Este post no lo traduzco al español…jiji,no porque diga nada secreto, sino porque básicamente le pido alguna lectora que viva en Estados Unidos que me pueda ayudar a conseguir una herramienta para carvar sellos más precisa que no consigo online. 🙂 Espero que alguién quiera!♥

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  1. Alicia

    Ojalá tengas suerte, ver sellos tuyos más detallados sería un regalo para todos tus lectores <3

  2. noemozica

    mi hermano vive en los usa, y viene a España en mayo, así q se lo podría pedir y te lo mando dsd aquí… ya me dirás!! ^_^

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