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A very special workshop ♥ Un taller muy especial

A nice afternoon, not so long ago, I  surprised my own kids with a workshop just for them … Una bonita tarde, no hace mucho,quise sorprender a mis hijos con una taller sólo para ellos… i told them they couldn´t come down to the living room until everything was ready..It was a surprise after all […]

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Cooking for kids ♥ Cocinando para niños

Buenos días!! Como prometí ayer, hoy os mostraré la tarta de cumpleaños de Keni y los lego de chocolate : )   En realidad no tienen ningún secreto porque son extremadamente sencillos de hacer! Pero me encantó cómo quedaron y sobretodo que volasen! porque a los niños les sorprendieron y gustaron tanto que no duraron […]

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Handmade Christmas- Navidad hecha a mano

I´m coming to the point were i´m really, really valuing more handmade gifts. I truly think they are possibly the best gifts. Cheap, beautiful and made with so much love! what else could I ask for? That they like them? well, yes, of course! So this Crhistmas besides the pins for my sisters, I painted […]

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Eight years!

Eight years have gone by since I had my little boy! Today is his birhtday! and he gently set up a list of all the yummy things he wanted to eat today! Starting for  breakfast: churros with chocolate! He is such a wonderful kid! smart, wise, funny, sweet and so caring for his little brother. […]

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