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Puppy Stamp ♥ Sello perrito

I Dont know if you recall seeing perhaps this little dog some days ago in this post.. Retomando el post del otro día sobre las cartas que estaba escribiendo a mano…quizá os llegastéis a fijar en este perrito de abajo.. Is another handcarved stamp I made inspired my animal characters from my kids story books…but […]

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New Postcards ♥ Nuevas Postales

  I´ve been meaning to print the “Dandelion Dreams” illustration as a postcard set for ages! and finally they are here!!! : ) Han pasado siglos desde que quería sacar esta ilustración en postal!!! En paquetes de 8 postales para ser precisos! Y por fin!! ya está en la tienda!! : ) I always love […]

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Letters ♥ Cartas

Hello!!! : ) How are you? Sorry I missed yesterdays post! I was kind of blocked and so I just let it be.. But I missed talking to you and wishing you a lovely start of your week!! I´m back now and with lots of things to show you! my computer doesn´t read my camera´s […]

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Hello sandwich

  Ebony Bizys is a graphic designer  from Asutralia whose love for Japan led her to move to Tokyo in 2010. She started sharing  and record her new life on her  blog hello sandwich. Along with her love for graphic design and japanese gift wraping. Her blog has become very popular as she has a […]

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