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Inspiration Board ♥ Panel de Inspiración

As a creative exercise I recommend gathering your things from around the house such as, paper cuttings, tags ,postcards ..etc all in the same color palette or scheme and just display them on the floor or a board : ) Como un ejercicio creativo os recomiendo probar éste: Reunir cositas de vuestra casa o mesa […]

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Color ♥

  A friend Recently told me how she was starting to notice how Spring influenced the colors Iwas showing on the blog.. Una amiga me comentó hace unos días que ya notaba como la Primavera me influía en los colores…   YES! Definetly” I want to be surrounded by acid pinks, lemon yellows, and those […]

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Studio- Estudio

Today the sky is grey and it´s cloudy, but the light in my studio is nice…it gives me a feeling of quietness, calmness, peace.. Hoy el día está gris,el cielo nublado,pero la luz que entra por mi estudio, sigue siendo bonita..da una sensación de quietud, de calma, de paz…. the touches of color of the […]

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Find Inspiration- Encuentra la inspiración

I´ve been asked many times what inspires me to create… This are a few things that inspire me when I´m at home.. Having my desk clean and neat ( which is normally not that way) invites me to sit down and do something, anything! my cup of tea, makes me feel cozy and comfortable. Of […]

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