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Mandala Stamp♥ Sello Mandala

Hello! How have you been? How was your weekend? I had a wonderful time in Germany!!! it was so lovely!! As soon as I upload some photos to my computer I´ll show them to you,perhaps tomorrow! But for today…a new stamp! a mandala Stamp.. Hola! qué tal? qué tal el fin de semana? Yo pasé […]

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Kitty stamp- Sello Gatito

I´m very happy, because a dear frien from Chicago came to visit us last month and brought me stamp carving blocks!!! I´ve always used rubbers, because i couldn´t find carving blocks so all my motifs were quite small, but now, with these – 7,5 x 10 cm- I can carve what i really want!!! And […]

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