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Nueva Edición Curso Online Stamping Creativo!

HC Sello 03

Una vez más tengo el placer de anunciaros que la segunda edición de mi curso online de carvado de sellos empezará en unos días! Qué emoción!! lo pasé muy bien en el primero conociendo e interactuando con alumn@s de lo más aplicados y creativos! Estoy feliz porque además en esta segunda edición se incluyen más vídeos y […]

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Stationery Swap ♥ Swap de escritura

  Swap day is here!! yay!!! El swap ya está aquí!!!! Bien!!!!: D   Well, I was thinking the other day that I havent organized a swap for some time now , So after giving it some thought I came up with a new “theme” for it : A Stationery swap! A handmade one of […]

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Japanese paper ♥ Papel japonés

Japanese art is so in right now! Starting with washi tape, which everyone loves : ) Japanese arts and crafts some very special characteristics. They always elevate they art to the highest expression of beauty, delicazy and elegance. I´m in love with the japanese paper! Today I received a full box of them and its […]

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Girona ♥

Today i´m ery happy to announce the stamp carving workshop in Girona! Hoy tengo la alegría de anunciar el taller de  carvado de Sellos de Girona!  ^_ ^ Espero tener la oportunidad de conoceros a muchas de vosotras ahí! Pasando unas horas muy divertidas carvando y haciendo manualidades. Para más información e inscripciones del taller, […]

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Stamp Carving Workshop Madrid ♥ Taller de sellos Madrid

As many of you know, a couple of weeks ago I went to Madrid to teach two stamp carving workshops.. Como much@s de vosotr@s sabéis, hace un par de semanas estuve en Madrid impartiendo un par de talleres de Carvado de sellos..   The  day of the workshop I had planned for more than three […]

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Inspiration Monday ♥

  Hello! I´d like to start this monday sharing something really beautiful I read ..It said “To be motivated by the belief that however small our contribution to the world may be, what we do ripples into the future like a pebble dropped in water, connecting to all living things through creativity and joy.” Doesn´t […]

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Hello sandwich

  Ebony Bizys is a graphic designer  from Asutralia whose love for Japan led her to move to Tokyo in 2010. She started sharing  and record her new life on her  blog hello sandwich. Along with her love for graphic design and japanese gift wraping. Her blog has become very popular as she has a […]

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MT week : Thursday ♥ Semana MT : Jueves

Cant believe its already Thursday!Just one day left of the MT week  : ( I´ve really had lots of fun putting together this series of post on MT! I love to know that some of you are all ready trying some of this ideas at home : ) I have lots of new ideas to […]

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Finger stamps ♥ Sellos de dedos

During the weekend my sons and I did some stamp painting..something that was indeed very simple, but the result was lovely ..so I thought I might share it with you! 🙂 Finger stamps the only two things you need are: Color inkpads your fingers Durante el fin de semana mis hijos y yo utilizamos unos […]

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