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Inspiration Monday ♥

  Hello! I´d like to start this monday sharing something really beautiful I read ..It said “To be motivated by the belief that however small our contribution to the world may be, what we do ripples into the future like a pebble dropped in water, connecting to all living things through creativity and joy.” Doesn´t […]

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Finger stamps ♥ Sellos de dedos

During the weekend my sons and I did some stamp painting..something that was indeed very simple, but the result was lovely ..so I thought I might share it with you! 🙂 Finger stamps the only two things you need are: Color inkpads your fingers Durante el fin de semana mis hijos y yo utilizamos unos […]

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I ♥ Envelopes – Yo ♥ los sobres

Since I live In the Uk, I´ve becomed fond of writting letters again! I love this because you really put your energy and love in it! And its the same  way around when you receive it! a warm and airy wave comes out of it feeling almost like a hug! Besides, for me its also […]

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Inspiration Monday

I’m still thinking about last fridays post. How to achieve more spending less. When we moved from Spain we had to sell all our furniture. It was too expensive to take it with us. The only “”furniture” I did bring with me was my white mirror. It was a “free” find and  in such a […]

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