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Free golden glitter clip art set ♥ Clip arts dorados gratuitos

Good morning!!! Before I end the week wishing you a lovely weekend, here is the  free clip art set I promised on Monday! Buenos días!! lo prometido es deuda! y aquí tenéis el clip art del que os hable el Lunes! Espero que os guste el dorado y la purpurina como a mí! : D […]

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Free clip arts ♥ Clip arts gratis

As I wrote the other day on my blog, the new feature of  picmonkey has me really excited! Its so easy to upload your own clip arts or overlays! I suddenly saw a world of possibilities so I created my own clip arts  with illustrator : ) Os comentaba el otro día que con la […]

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Cat envelope ♥ Sobre Gato

I cant believe its Friday already! The week went by SO fast! Thank you so much for your lovely comments! I really value them and I know it takes some time and a bit of effort so thank you! : ) It encourages me to keep creating and sharing from the heart ♥ In gratitude, […]

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Double envelope ♥ Sobre doble

Inspired by the beautiful letter my friend sent me, I came up with this idea I called “Double envelope” And why do I call it that way?..you´ll find out in a sec ; ) Inspirada en la preciosa carta de papel cebolla de mi amiga , se me ocurrió crear una similar a la que […]

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Letters with Miffy ♥ Cartas con Miffy

Today WE will create an stationery set with a dutch bunny everyone loves  : ) Hoy crearemos un juego de carta y sobre  con un personaje holandés que gusta a tod@s por su diseño tierno y sencillo  : ) For this project I used a stamp with lots of cute little “miffys” But just stamping […]

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