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hand carved stamps

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Puppy Stamp ♥ Sello perrito

I Dont know if you recall seeing perhaps this little dog some days ago in this post.. Retomando el post del otro día sobre las cartas que estaba escribiendo a mano…quizá os llegastéis a fijar en este perrito de abajo.. Is another handcarved stamp I made inspired my animal characters from my kids story books…but […]

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Letters ♥ Cartas

Hello!!! : ) How are you? Sorry I missed yesterdays post! I was kind of blocked and so I just let it be.. But I missed talking to you and wishing you a lovely start of your week!! I´m back now and with lots of things to show you! my computer doesn´t read my camera´s […]

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Stamp carving week : positive and negative♥ Semana sellos: positivo y negativo

  English Today´s post is a going to be about understanding the concept of carving a stamp in positive and negative. It´s prety simple in fact:     To put it this way Positive is what you actually do carve . This means the parts of the rubber that wont be in contact with the […]

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Stamp carving week ♥ Semana Carvado de sellos

As I have done before, the tutorials will be first written in English and then in spanish… Como ya he hecho en otras ocasiones, el tutorial -así como toda la información que se dará esta semana-estará escrito primero en inglés y más abajo en español. ENGLISH Welcome to the Stamp Carving week( Stamp Carving tutorial […]

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Apple girl ♥ Niña Manzana

And todays real post..   This is my last stamp.. A little girl sitting on a big apple : ) Y el verdadero post de hoy.. Este es mi último sello… una pequeña niña sentada en una manzana. : )   I like carving stamps, its a little like meditating and also I like to […]

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House stamp – Sello Casita

And here you have it! another hand carved stamp!! Y aquí lo tenéis, otro sello carvado a mano!! First I drew with a pencil the details to carve Primero dibujé con lápiz el motivo o en este caso los motivos a carvar Here it is after the carving and testing it with some purple ink […]

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Stamp Carving tutorial- Tutorial Sellos de goma

English I love to carve stamps! is one of my favorite crafts. I love the endless posibilities it offers and the wonderful results I get. A single stamp can be used for so many things, and I keep discovering more and more uses..Its wonderful to customize your things and really make them unique. Thank you […]

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Etsy Finds

Mis queridos Jueves los dedico a apoyar el trabajo de otros artesanos. Como queda menos para Navidad, he ampliado la lista; incluyendo un poco de todo..Espero que os guste! I spend my dear Thursday´s to feature  and suppport Etsy artisans. Since it´s almost Christmas, I´ve made the list a bit larger, including different sort´s of […]

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