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Poemas por correo

Vero carta 04

Hay veces en las que el cartero trae  cartas que no espera uno y suponen una sorpresa y alegría inmensa! Cartas que llegan cruzando el mar y son pura poesía. Me atrevo a llamarlas poemas visuales porque eso es precisamente lo que me viene a la mente mientras las voy abriendo poco a poco. Cada detalle me […]

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Un picnic en el bosque-

La foret 04

  Nota: antes de leer el post darle play a esta cancion Este post esta dedicado a mi hermana del alma, que recientemente vino a visitarme. Pudimos compartir unos dias hermosos, cómo sólo dos hermanas pueden hacerlo. Hablando hasta las tantas, dando paseos en bici, tomando el té y yendo de picnic a bosques mágicos. […]

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A walk through the woods ♥ Un paseo por el bosque

If someone asked me what I like the most of living in England I would say without hesitating, the country side! There are SO many parks that just look like tiny forests, and the countryside can be five minutes away! Here are some pics of a  weekend hike… Si alguien me preguntase qué es lo […]

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Summer weeds- Hierbas de Verano

A Zen proverb says that when we learn to value and appreciate the small things in life, we´ll find beauty everywhere we look. Even the most simple things have their charm,their magic. A cloud pass by, the wind playing with your hair, a sunbeam  going through a leaf, summer weeds. Everything we need to feel […]

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Words can be so beautiful. It´s sound, it´s meaning..what they evoque…I´d love to make a list of all the words I read, listen, or think of that I like.I´ve listed some below in spanish since it´s my homelanguage. Translated they would be : cloud, moon, sky, mandarine, cotton, rain .. I read that a german […]

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Pepa and the Dragon- Pepa y el Dragón

This illustration is a new version of this one. It´s completely digital and looks so different from the original. It´s from my book “Pepa and the Dragon” . Is the story of a little girl -Pepa- and her little brother, Juan. They are playing in the forest when suddenly a green dragon appears and shows […]

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Beloved Earth/ Amada Tierra

Today I was going to write a post about Etsy finds, but there´s something much more important to talk about. Copenhage´s discussion about global warming  is comming to and end and people all around the world are gathering signatures to claim for a positive answer against global warming. Yes. Those words we dont want to […]

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