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Gift wrapping ♥ Envolviendo regalos

Pinterest is a great source of inspiration…maybe even too much..; ) With so much visual information its sometimes, even hard to “digest”. Its better to stay with one idea and put it into practice,little things that click your attention . This is my little version of things I´ve seen related to gift wrapping and the […]

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Goodie bag ♥ bolsita de regalo

  Today is my last day in Spain…soon I´ll be flying back to England! I´m anxious to see my sons!! but at the same time a little bit nostalgic to leave behind my friends and my sister and nephews…oh how much I´ll miss them!! Tomorrow I´ll start blogging regularly! Can´t wait to tell you all […]

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Pretty packaging ♥ Envoltorios bonitos

  As someone who loves color and design, I cant help but notice the pretty packaging of things here in the UK…see for your self.. A alguien que le gusta el color y el diseño como a mí, no puedo evitar fijarme en los envoltorios tan bonitos de los productos que venden aquí en Inglaterra..ved […]

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Letters ♥ Cartas

Hello!!! : ) How are you? Sorry I missed yesterdays post! I was kind of blocked and so I just let it be.. But I missed talking to you and wishing you a lovely start of your week!! I´m back now and with lots of things to show you! my computer doesn´t read my camera´s […]

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Inspiration monday : pink thoughts

I personally think all colors are beautiful and that it just depends on their intensity and placement to make them more or less attractive. I was one of those girls who loved pink and I still am, ( love pink). Here´s a selection of my own photos and some very inspiring and charming ones from […]

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