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sellos hechos a mano

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Puppy Stamp ♥ Sello perrito

I Dont know if you recall seeing perhaps this little dog some days ago in this post.. Retomando el post del otro día sobre las cartas que estaba escribiendo a mano…quizá os llegastéis a fijar en este perrito de abajo.. Is another handcarved stamp I made inspired my animal characters from my kids story books…but […]

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Round stamp ♥ Sello redondo

Here it is!  As I promised yesterday, I would show you my latest hand carved stamp! : ) Y aquí está mi último sello carvado a mano como os prometí ayer! I think its by far, one of my favorites  I love that it`s  a  circle an that all the little bits of representative nature […]

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House stamp – Sello Casita

And here you have it! another hand carved stamp!! Y aquí lo tenéis, otro sello carvado a mano!! First I drew with a pencil the details to carve Primero dibujé con lápiz el motivo o en este caso los motivos a carvar Here it is after the carving and testing it with some purple ink […]

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