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Weekend Wishes ♥ Deseos de fin de semana

Hello and happy belated Valentines day! ♥ I spent mine at home working and with my younguest son feeling poorly! So much jumping outside on the trampoling without his coat had his consecuences! But, you know how kids are, when you are not looking their coats end up on the floor! Anyway, he´s feeling much […]

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Special gifts ♥ Regalos especiales

Sometimes one is lucky and fortunate enough to meet people who are SO generous and kind! It really strikes me how someone that doesnt know you can be so sweet and loving! And appear one day with presents as wonderful as this.. A veces uno tiene la suerte y fortuna de conocer a personas que […]

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Stamp and Embroider ♥ Estampa y Borda

Firts of all forgive me, because todays photos came out so bad.. But I still wanted to show you a little project I did some weeks ago that perhaps you like and want to try : )   Antes que nada, perdonad las fotos de hoy porque salieron tan mal..Pero no he querido dejar de […]

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Little raindrops ♥ Pequeñas gotas de lluvia

  A friend of mine just celebrated her birthday and of course I wanted to give her something made by hand, so I sewed this little rain cloud with white cotton fabric and turquoise felt for the rain drops 🙂 Una amiga mia acaba de celebrar su cumpleaños y por supuesto le quería regalar algo […]

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A quilt ♥ Una manta

Spring has a special kind of magic…Makes you want to clean your house ( ask my Friend Geo about this), embark on new proyects, and fill your life with color! …lovely colors and lovely projects indeed!SOme people get married, some have babies and some like me, sew a quilt! ; ) La Primavera tiene una magia […]

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A little of sewing ♥ Un poquito de costura

I have been thinking about buying this book from Heather Ross for a while now, but wasn´t sure..It´s really risky to buy books online becasue you cant really know if they are going to be good; you cant flip trhought the pages…So when I found it  at a bookstore  and saw how beautiful it was […]

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Some sewing!Un poco de costura!

A couple of weeks ago I had this sudden urge to Sew something! I plugged my sewing machine, took all the fabric out from the cabinet and started pinning and sewing like crazy! Oh that was fun! You can not restrain the creative impulse, but only follow it!  It was so much fun and I […]

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Owl softies

Ever since I´ve seen little cute softies around the web here and there I´ve felt inspired to make my own! They dont require complicated sewing skills as you can see below. I also love owls. I think they are not only beautiful but magic! The owls were totems for the native americans and many other animals […]

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