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Stationery Swap ♥ Swap de escritura

  Swap day is here!! yay!!! El swap ya está aquí!!!! Bien!!!!: D   Well, I was thinking the other day that I havent organized a swap for some time now , So after giving it some thought I came up with a new “theme” for it : A Stationery swap! A handmade one of […]

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Letter to a friend ♥ Carta a una amiga

This is a post I wanted to share with you on the Snail Mail Week. The making of a letter I sent to my friend  Merissa Retomando La Semana Del Correo, hoy os compartiré una carta que le escribí a mi amiga Merissa The photo above was taken by her for her blog, which I recomend […]

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Cat envelope ♥ Sobre Gato

I cant believe its Friday already! The week went by SO fast! Thank you so much for your lovely comments! I really value them and I know it takes some time and a bit of effort so thank you! : ) It encourages me to keep creating and sharing from the heart ♥ In gratitude, […]

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Happy envelope ♥ Sobre feliz

  Today we´ll decorate an envelope just the same way I would do if I were to write a letter to a friend : ) Hoy nos pondremos manos a la obra a decorar un sobre de la misma manera que lo hago cuando le escribo a una amiga : ) Así es que sin […]

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Snail Mail week ♥ Semana del Correo

  Welcome to the Snail Mail Week! I´m so happy to have you here! : D This week I want to share everything I do to write and decorate my letters! Begining with today…The Basic Tools Bienvenid@s a la semana del correo!!! Qué bien que ya llegó!! : D Esta semana quiero compartiros todo lo […]

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