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My Video ♥ Mi video

  Remember when on my Post about the workshop in Mallorca I told you that I had to leave the fabric dyieng workshopI was taking because I needed to go somewhere else? ; ) Well, they were shooting a video!!! How exciting!!! How exciting to participate and to be able to show it to you […]

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Weekend sewing ♥ Costura del fin de semana

  My crazy sewing weekend started on a lovely Friday afternoon while I was watching this video of Lotta Jansdotter … Mi locura de coser este fin de semana horas y horas sin parar, comenzó el Viernes por la tarde. Tranquilamente miraba este video que Lotta Jansdotter hizo para Rowenta y esa fue mi “perdición […]

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♥Mt video♥

Hello again! See, this little space of mine is growing! and I´m SO,SO, SO happy about that! It´s the result of a daily effort, of love, and attention in every detail, in every post and I want to thank so much for this! for liking it and being part of my small world. Because of […]

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