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Weekend Wishes ♥ Deseos de fin de semana

Hello and happy belated Valentines day! ♥ I spent mine at home working and with my younguest son feeling poorly! So much jumping outside on the trampoling without his coat had his consecuences! But, you know how kids are, when you are not looking their coats end up on the floor! Anyway, he´s feeling much […]

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Handmade presents ♥ Regalos Hechos a mano

It was so lovely to find old friends in Madrid! So good and generous! I left with so many presents from them! I couldn´t get any luckier!and I couldn´t like them more! ♥♥ Today I want to share two handmade presents..but there are many more! ; ) Qué bonito fue encontrarme en Madrid con tantas […]

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Sayaka ♥

Sayaka is a girl from Japan whose photos of her home are so charming I had to share them today with you! I found her via flickr Bamsesayaka she also has a  blog called Life in the slow line Sayaka es una chica de Japón de cuyas fotos de su casa me enamoré! creo que tienen muchísimo […]

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Patchwork style ♥

  See the pillow cover below? well, It took me about a year to finish it! LOL Not because it  was difficult to sew, but because I had completely forgotten about it! I had cut the fabric pieces last april of 2010 and recently found them inside a box. So it was definitely time to […]

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